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Say goodbye to the billable hour, and say hello to PureCounsel!

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Post a Request for Legal Help

Instead of spending your time searching for a lawyer for your business or personal needs, now you can just simply post a description of the work you need done, along with any budgetary constraints or important deadlines, and let the right lawyers come to you – on your terms. And the best part, it is free to create new listings and the posts are anonymous to protect your privacy.

Get Legal Help
Accept Bid

Choose a Lawyer that Fits Your Needs

Review the bids, taking into consideration the lawyer’s credentials and experience in their member profile, their proposed cost for performing the work, and any reviews and comments made by other clients who have previously used their services through the PureCounsel platform. And the best part is, there is no charge to you for posting a project, and you have no obligation to accept any bids.

Stop Wasting Valuable Time Chasing New Business

It is time to let the business come to you!

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Build Your PureCounsel Profile

“Despite the rapid pace of innovation and technology related to the practice of law, the business of law has remained relatively unchanged for nearly a century. Fortunately, with PureCounsel the days of paying for expensive ads in periodicals that nobody reads, and attending the same old dreadful networking events with the hope that someday it will generate new business, are now a thing of the past. Whether you are a solo practitioner or a member of a law firm, you simply create a profile highlighting your education, professional experience, skillset, and accolades -- and let the leads for new business come to you.”

Grow Your Practice
Fulfill Project

Complete the Work and Get Paid

After your bid is accepted, and you have successfully cleared conflicts, it is time to get to work. Using the PureCounsel dashboard you can manage each of your projects and keep your clients informed as to the status. Once the work has been completed you just click a button and await confirmation from the client that the work has been satisfactorily performed before receiving payment of your fee. Should a dispute arise as to timing, quality or completeness of the work, it will be resolved through the PureCounsel dispute resolution process pursuant to the agreed upon terms of service.