Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the PureCounsel platform? We’ve put together some helpful questions and answers below. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

PureCounsel is the premier digital marketplace for on-demand legal services. We are not a law firm, but rather a platform that connects Users in search of legal help with their business and personal needs with qualified attorneys interested in bidding on the work on a flat-fee basis.

PureCounsel allows for four categories of legal work to be requested: (1) answer a legal question; (2) in-depth research on a legal issue; (3) review a document and render legal advice; and (4) draft a legal document. PureCounsel does not currently provide for litigation services.

After registering a PureCounsel account, Users can begin posting new projects through our digital intake process by providing a detailed description of the legal work they need help with, the state in which they are located, any deadline or budgetary constraints, and their language of preference.

The posts are anonymous and should not include any personal names or other readily identifiable information so as to maintain confidentiality. However, the project description must include sufficient detail to allow interested attorneys to make an informed bid.

Should an attorney require additional information in order to make a bid, they can message the User directly, and any such communications will be incorporated into the final scope of work if a bid is made and accepted. In the event that a bid is accepted by the User, anything not included in the description shall not be included in the scope of work and may be subject to additional fees at the discretion of the winning attorney.

After a bid has been accepted, the User’s name and contact information will be provided to the winning attorney so that they can perform what is called a “conflict check” to ensure that they are in compliance with their state’s ethical rules of professional responsibility. Assuming there is no conflict, the attorney will then reach out to the User directly and send them a retainer agreement outside of the platform – just like the traditional process of engagement — for the agreed upon scope of work in the amount of the accepted bid.

Once the engagement letter has been executed and the attorney-client relationship commences, the winning attorney will get started working on the project. The User can then track the progress of each project on their PureCounsel dashboard where they will be notified when the project has been completed.

After the project has been declared completed, the User will then be asked to confirm that the work is to their satisfaction and in conformity with the agreed upon terms. If the work is approved, the User will then be responsible for timely remitting payment of the agreed upon fee to the winning attorney outside of the platform. The form of payment is to be determined by the attorney.

If the work is not approved, or there is a disagreement between the parties, the parties will then be required to participate in the PureCounsel dispute resolution process as set forth in the agreed upon Terms of Service.

Users: For Users, you will need to provide your full legal name, phone number and e-mail address.

Attorneys: For attorneys, you will need to provide your full legal name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, active credit card number on file, bar license number(s), practice area(s), educational background, work experience history, malpractice insurance information, and professional accolades.

PureCounsel does not allow just any attorney to participate on its platform. Instead, attorneys interested in bidding on projects must first register an account and apply by providing their professional licensing information, educational background, professional references, and work experience in order to be considered for approval by PureCounsel’s Quality Control Team. The Quality Control Team then evaluates the information, performs its due diligence, which may include speaking with the applicant, and makes the final decision of whether to approve or deny their application.

Currently, PureCounsel is only accepting applications from attorneys who are licensed to practice in the State of Florida. However, we are actively exploring additional markets and expect to have some exciting updates to share in the near future.

For attorneys interested in participating on the PureCounsel platform, they must be licensed and in good standing, have at least three (3) years of experience practicing law, and have malpractice insurance.

No, registered Users are permitted to post as many projects as they wish, free of charge, provided that the post contains the necessary information to allow attorneys to make an informed bid and does not violate PureCounsel’s Terms of Use.

There is no charge for Users to register an account and post projects on PureCounsel. And there is no obligation for a User to accept any bid for any of the projects posted.

In order for an attorney to be eligible to participate on the PureCounsel platform they must pay for a membership subscription. The current subscription pricing is $499/month or $5,000/year.

Yes, attorneys who register and are accepted to participate on the PureCounsel platform may be eligible for a free trial. The length of the free trial period may vary depending on the promotions in place at the time of registration. If you are interested in trying out PureCounsel please send an e-mail to info@purecounsel.com.

Unless the User identifies a deadline in their project post, there is no set time by which the winning attorney must complete the work. Where no deadline is selected, the winning attorney is expected to complete the work in a reasonable time, which is dependent upon the size, scope, and complexity of the project. That being said, Users are encouraged to select a deadline to ensure that both parties are clear as to expectations and to avoid any misunderstandings about delivery dates.

In the event that a post does not receive an acceptable bid within the defined bid period, the post will automatically expire. The User may then repost the same project and extend the bidding process, or revise the terms and description of the project and post again to try and attract additional bids.

Yes, PureCounsel is password protected and therefore can only be accessed by authorized users. Neither Users nor attorneys should ever share their account information with anyone else.

Users will never be required to provide their personal name and contact information in any of their project postings. Instead, each post will contain a unique project identifier number that PureCounsel and bidding attorneys will use as a reference point. Further, Users are prohibited from including any personal names or other readily identifiable information in their project description to avoid publicly exposing their personal identity on the platform.

After the working attorney confirms that they have completed the scope of work set forth in your posted project, you will receive a notification asking you to confirm that work has been completed and to your satisfaction in accordance with the agreed upon terms. In the event that you are not satisfied with the legal service provided for any reason, you must notify the working attorney by making the appropriate “Not Satisfied” selection when prompted.

Payment of fees for the legal services rendered are be paid directly from the User to the working attorney outside of the platform and may be paid via credit card or any other form of payment accepted by the attorney.

Payment of membership subscription fees may only be paid via credit card through the PureCounsel website.

In the event that an attorney decides that they no longer wish to participate on the PureCounsel platform they may go to their account settings and cancel their subscription to deactivate their account.

Attorneys may subscribe on either a monthly or annual subscription basis. Should you decide to cancel your membership, you will be permitted to continue your subscription through the end of the month, but will not be eligible for any refunds.

Please send an e-mail to info@purecounsel.com

Please send an e-mail to help@purecounsel.com